This week’s national security review

by Jason

Office of the Director of National Intelligence [pdf format] | Don’t miss this rare gem of a newly disclosed question/answer session with the Senate Intelligence Committee back in April. See Outside the Beltway for a good summary. And Secrecy News’ Federation of American Scientist who break it all down in easy to read bullet format. Better than reading through the entire pdf. See also accompanying Washington Post essay. 

Taliban Leader in Pakistan Is Reportedly Killed | Maybe we got one of those smelly, bearded creatures. This one, if indeed killed, is a big fish and one of Pakistan’s most wanted terrorist. FP tells us what exactly his death means. 

Obama’s counter-terrorism advisor denounces Bush-era policies | I don’t know. I suppose War on Terror doesn’t go good with Hope and Change and Stuff. 

US looks to Vietnam for Afghan tips | Because its just that nasty and the people are just that foreign to our way of thinking and fighting. 

New Report documents where Legislators stand on Gitmo Terrorists | Where does yours stand? This two-volume report provides, in detail, the policy positions of every Representative and Senator on the issue of closing Gitmo and transferring detainees to the United States.

The world’s 10 most dangerous countries | David Rothkopf puts his best judgmental powers forward in this one. He even included the EU because of the passivity and general uselessness. Something I rant about from time to time. He also made room for our beloved U.S. of A. Because we have the power, the will and the capability to create a miracle or a disaster. 

Air Force Sets Up New Command for Nuclear Forces | Looks like Louisiana will have more fireworks and gunpowder to play with during our 300 festivals a year. 

And finally, Bill Clinton’s Success in North Korea | What can you say about this? He has still go it. Call it power or calling in old favors, he got Kimberly Jung Il to hand over the girls. I am sure the quid pro quo will reveal itself sooner or later. President Obama owes him big time – that could mean either gratitude or revenge. I call it a victory for America but another humiliating defeat for Obama and his foreign policy.

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About Jason Bradley

Is a former military member with experience in Iraq and time in Europe. He lives in the Washington DC area with his wife and two young children. His background is in national security and has remained in the field since separating from the military. He is a political science major with strong interests in American politics, history, economics, and foreign policy. This blog is a way to express his interests. He also contributes at -- Big Peace and Big Government. Email him at
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5 Responses to This week’s national security review

  1. Mike says:


    Man, you beat me to the OTB post. Interesting stuff eh?

    Did you see on the FAS site where they point out that the Director of the NIE regurgitated an article almost line-by-line from a Russian newspaper and NewsMax?

    How ironic is that a Democratic administration official using a Russian news agency and a Right Wing pub as a source of intel information?

    Frightening and hilarious at the same time. Good round up though.

  2. Jason says:

    Notice how I slipped Louisiana in there.

  3. Mike says:

    Not only Louisiana but NewsMax also.

    Guess if it is good enough for the administration it is good enough for us too!

  4. Jeff says:

    Yes, this is a nice review. Thanks for the info!

  5. Jason says:

    Jeff anytime. Be sure to share the wealth if you come across the goods.

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