Obama abandons Poland and the timing could not have been worse

by Jason

Is this a case of the squeakiest wheel getting the grease? Or if you are inclined to be less charitable, did President Obama cave to Russia?

In either case, President Obama chose to abandon the ballistic missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic without seeming to notice the historical significance of his decision, which came on the 70th Anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Poland. Aside from that, the President was quick to draw out the differences between capitulation and appeasement. He said the decision to abandon the missile shield was based on a strategic shift.

“Pentagon officials said the decision to move away from the shield was based on intelligence indicating Iran is focused on developing short- and medium-range missiles rather than the long-range intercontinental missiles originally feared.”

The timing was terrible (literally — Poland and the Czech Republic were only notified just an hour or two ahead of time) and our Eastern European allies are now wondering where exactly do they fit into America’s policy.

Many politicians in the missile shield’s putative host countries – Poland and the Czech Republic – will undoubtedly feel jilted and let down by Washington. Former Soviet bloc countries had already begun to voice concerns that Washington’s vaunted reset of relations with Moscow would come at their expense. For many, this move is likely to be seen as a disappointing confirmation of that.

As for the policy in and of it self, it is nothing more than a continuation of the Democrats Against Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative. Even if that means it offers Moscow a chance to consider its policies and bullying behavior as a victory over the Obama administration. By taking on a non-confrontational role with Russia, President Obama hopes he can lure Russia into becoming a working partner with the U.S. against Iran and terrorism. Additionally, work closer on policy goals like disarmament. So the possibilities for President Obama, in his eyes, are win-win. But right now it looks more like a very huge gamble, if not a misguided attempt to secure cooperation through appeasement.

As for another important matter the president’s decision does not come without a big opportunity cost that may have a negative effect on the U.S. For starters, how willing will our allies in Central and Eastern Europe be to trust us if they worry about America’s commitment to security and stabilization? Lastly, how much more will President Obama be willing to sacrifice for the sake of Russia?

At this point, those are fair and obvious questions to be asking.


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About Jason Bradley

Is a former military member with experience in Iraq and time in Europe. He lives in the Washington DC area with his wife and two young children. His background is in national security and has remained in the field since separating from the military. He is a political science major with strong interests in American politics, history, economics, and foreign policy. This blog is a way to express his interests. He also contributes at Breitbart.com -- Big Peace and Big Government. Email him at twe.jason@gmail.com
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12 Responses to Obama abandons Poland and the timing could not have been worse

  1. RightKlik says:

    Hillary Clinton couldn’t have been worse than this.

  2. Bubby says:

    He is such a lame duck president and this still his first year. What a loser. His decision on this make absolutely no sense to me.

    You know Winston Churchill said: “The definition of an appeaser is someone who feeds Crocodiles in hope that the crocodile eats him last.”

    Oh wait I forgot about his disdain for Churchill of course he wouldn’t know that.

  3. Verdun says:

    This is a weak man who is only making America weaker. This was a horrible move in which the only thing America will get is a bad reputation among its allies. Russia on the other hand got everything they wanted without giving anything.

    Great Churchill quote by the way.

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  5. Oabma is a jackass………. he will be worst that Carter ……poor americans .

    we are still waiting for probe of Obama citizen papers … AMERICA WE ALERT

  6. Sean says:

    This indeed raises questions about Obama’s decision. I do find it hard to believe Obama did this without getting anything in return, however. We’ll have to wait and see I guess. Russia may announce something soon. If this turns out to be a ill-guided choice that harms our alliance in Europe than he and his advisors are bozos and dangerous.

  7. sunday says:

    congrats president Obama.You are doing a great job.it is better to abandon the corrupt countries like our friend,the Brits.They will always hate somebody doing a great job like president O.if the president is corrupt like the MP’s,like the RBS,they will love him.shame on them.long live US,long live the President

  8. You are right on the money with this one. The betrayal of our allies is appalling, the timing of the announcement is downright insulting. Who could blame Eastern Europeans for giving the US the finger next time we need their help for something? They might as well start sending Vladimir Putin chests of gold as tribute and handsome youths as slaves right now.

  9. Mark says:

    Who didn’t see this coming?! First the Obama administration dragged it’s collective feet on the issue, then came wrangling with the Russians over Iran, then the famous “reset” (rather “overcharged”) button incident…… I’d like to think that the disastrous timing of the event (the anniversary of the Soviet’s invasion of Poland) was just stupid and nothing more.

    PS – for some of the earlier posters – Churchill was no friend of Poland. The British (albeit under Chamberlain) never lifted a finger to help Poland when it was invaded in WWII. They waited until France was invaded and ignored their treaty with Poland. Furthermore free Polish soldiers weren’t allowed to march in the UK’s WWII victory celebrations because of fears it would annoy the Soviets.

  10. Jason says:

    Mark funny you posted that about the Pols. I put something that covered along those lines in my very latest post.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Sanity, glad you enjoyed it. Obama has created a possibly very embarrassing situation for himself. One in which, he may end up with egg on his face.

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