Hollywood, Afghanistan and Child Rape

by Jason

Assuming it is hard to consider it rape when grown men force themselves onto children because it is largely a cultural norm in Afghanistan, so it is in Hollyweird too. Because it really isn’t “rape-rape” (whatever that means, I do not know) when a famous director decides to drug a 13 year old child and rape and sodomize her. After all, artists need latitude in which to exercise their intellect and energy.

Check out James Joyner’s piece at Outside the Beltway

Joshua Foust continues to call attention to widespread and institutionalized child rape — mostly man-on-boy — in Afghanistan, this time with a report that Canadian soldiers had been quietly told to ignore the practice because we needed the cooperation of the leaders doing the raping. Steve Hynd, naturally, wonders why this isn’t widely reported and why senior U.S. officials aren’t being asked about American policy on this troubling issue.

Meanwhile, Jim Henley (via Google Reader) encapsulates my immediate reaction: “This problem could be solved if the Afghan security forces would make a few well-regarded movies.”

It looks like that we are engaged in a War for Civilization here as well as abroad.


About Jason Bradley

Is a former military member with experience in Iraq and time in Europe. He lives in the Washington DC area with his wife and two young children. His background is in national security and has remained in the field since separating from the military. He is a political science major with strong interests in American politics, history, economics, and foreign policy. This blog is a way to express his interests. He also contributes at Breitbart.com -- Big Peace and Big Government. Email him at twe.jason@gmail.com
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